Seychelles Environment Levy: New Tourism Tax Effects Visitors

As of the 01 August 2023, the Seychelles Government has imposed a daily 'Environment Levy' on all visitors to Seychelles. This new 'tourism tax,' as it has been nicknamed, aims to raise funds to mitigate the environmental impact that the rising tourism sector has on the country.

The levy, has three applicable rates:
  • For establishments with 1 to 24 rooms, the rate stands at SCR25 ($2) per person per night.
  • For medium-sized establishments with 25 to 50 rooms, the rate stands at SCR75 ($6) per person per night
  • Large establishments with over 51 rooms, yachts, and island resorts – SCR100 ($8) per person per night.

The fees will be collected by the establishments providing the accommodation on the government's behalf.

Those exempt from paying the fees are:
  • Seychellois Citizens
  • Seychellois Residents
  • Children Under 12
  • Crew members of yachts and planes

The primary aim of the Seychelles’ Tourism Environmental Sustainability Levy is to support environmental conservation and rehabilitation initiatives. By directing the proceeds from this levy towards the environment, Seychelles seeks to further protect and enhance the natural environment that draws thousands of visitors each year.

Over SCR85 million ($6.3 million) is expected to be collected through the new levy for the period August 1 to December 31, according to a government official.

We hope that you have found this article on the new Seychelles Environment Levy useful when planning your trip to Seychelles, reminding you to calculate your daily cost per/night per/ person when budgeting your holiday in our beautiful archipelago. You can read the official statement by the Seychelles Tourism Department regarding the new Seychelles Environment Levy  here

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