Sailing Seychelles: List of Applicable Charts

When planning a sailing adventure abroad, or any sailing trip in fact, the first rule is to always be prepared. In this modern age of  global gps and sat-nav, the tasks of any skipper have no-doubt been made easier. However, electronics do fail and technology has its flaws, so we've compiled a handy list of nautical charts you will be well-advised to bring along with you.

In a world where high-tech gadgets often take center stage, nautical charts retain their timeless importance. By all means, download the applicable local charts to your favourite onboard navigation system - but don't disregard the value of having some good old fashion paper charts on-hand as a backup.

To aid you in preparing for your dream sailing adventure to Seychelles, we have compiled this guide on "Sailing Seychelles: List of Applicable Charts," providing a list below for your convenience.

Complete list of Seychelles Nautical Navigation Charts

  • BA721:  Southern approaches to the Seychelles Group: Navigate the southern approaches to the Seychelles Group with precision.

  • BA722: Port Victoria and its approaches: Master the intricate Port Victoria and its surroundings for safe harbor.

  • BA724: Anchorages in the Seychelles Group and outlying islands: Explore more, secure with the knowledge of safe anchorages across Seychelles

  • BA740: Seychelles Group: Chart a comprehensive course through the entire Seychelles Archipelago, unlocking its maritime secrets.

  • BA742: Mahe, Praslin and adjacent islands: Unlock the secrets of Seychelles' Inner Island - Mahé, Praslin La Digue and more.

We hope that you have found this guide to "Sailing Seychelles: List of Applicable Charts" helpful. All the best with your planning and preparation for your sailing adventure to our slice of paradise. And remember, when looking for the best marina to use as your base, Eden Island Marina is the first choice in Seychelles.
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