Asia Pacific Superyachts Now Serving Seychelles

Eden Island Marina Partners with Asia Pacific Superyachts

Asia Pacific Superyachts (APS), a yacht agency and support services provider operating across the APAC region, has expanded its network with the opening of a new office in the Seychelles. This comes after a strategic partnership with Eden Island Marina and its management team.

At the helm, Eden Island Marina's Christophe Houareau is APS Seychelles Managing Director, and Peter Alvis joins the team as General Manager.

“With experience attending to superyachts and vessels of all types in Seychelles for the past 22 years and as the co-developer of Seychelles’ largest marina, Eden Island Marina, we are immensely proud to form part of the Asia Pacific Superyacht Brand and Network,” says Mr. Houareau regarding the new partnership.

“With experiences in world renowned 5 star and Forbes listed hotel properties across Dubai, Ireland, USA, UK and Seychelles, I am honoured to be leading the operations team at Asia Pacific Superyachts Seychelles,” beams Mr. Alvis

Providing services to all types of visiting foreign-flagged vessels and providing assistance and service to super-yachts arriving in the Seychelles, Mr Alvis' knowledge of the country’s geographical locations and cultural sites and attractions allows him to advise and prepare the best possible tour itineraries for Captains based on their port stay.

Asia Pacific Superyachts - a Global Leader

The leading network of superyacht agencies in the Asia Pacific region, Asia Pacific Superyachts (APS) has reputation in the industry for offering excellent service to its clients, many of which remain repeat clients across the APS world-wide network.

APS is a one-stop-solution, providing a full spectrum of services to not only yacht owners and guests, but also yacht captains and crew.

Asia Pacific Superyachts' Services in Seychelles

APS Seychelles is dedicated to upholding the extremely high-standard of service that accompanies the Asia Pacific Superyachts reputation, offering too the full spectrum of services for yachts and super-yachts visiting our sunny archipelago.

APS Seychelles is based at Marina House, right at the waters edge of Eden Island Marina and in view of the super-yacht pontoon.


You can find our more about APS Seychelles and the relevant contact info on our website by visiting their profile page, click here.

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