9 Islands of Seychelles to Consider Adding to Your Sailing Itinerary

Unveiling Seychelles' Hidden Gems: These Lesser Known Islands Await Your Sailing Adventure

While the world knows about Seychelles 3 main islands, there's a treasure trove of hidden islands waiting to be explored. Away from the well-trodden path, these lesser-known gems offer a yachting experience that's both untouched and enchanting. Set sail to these lesser-known 9 islands of Seychelles and immerse yourself in pristine landscapes, unique ecosystems, and a yachting journey like no other.

The inner islands vs the outer islands?

Seychelles, a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean, is divided into two distinct regions: the inner islands and the outer islands. The inner islands are clustered closer to the main island of Mahé, where the capital Victoria is located. These islands are characterized by their lush landscapes, granite formations, and easy accessibility, making them a hub for tourism, culture, and commerce.
On the other hand, the outer islands, lying further away from the main cluster, are often considered Seychelles' hidden treasures. These remote and less-developed islands showcase pristine natural beauty, unique ecosystems, and untouched shores, offering a haven for yachting enthusiasts seeking secluded and unspoiled paradises. While the inner islands provide the energy and cultural vibrancy, the outer islands offer serenity and the opportunity to reconnect with nature in its purest form. Below find our selection of 9 Seychelles Islands you should consider adding to your sailing itinerary.

5 Inner Islands: Exploring Seychelles' Well-Kept Secrets
Silhouette - Islands of Seychelles
St. Anne Island:

Just a stone's throw away from Mahé, St. Anne is a paradise of marine life. Drop anchor and dive into the crystal-clear waters, where colorful coral reefs and a kaleidoscope of fish species await your discovery.
Coordinates: -4.604610421553685, 55.503093506928344

Moyenne - Islands Seychelles
Moyenne Island:

Home to over a hundred giant tortoises, Moyenne is a haven of tranquility. Enjoy a leisurely stroll and engage with these gentle creatures while marvelling at the island's untouched beauty.
Coordinates:-4.619690085642542, 55.5086936859512  |  View Map

Silhouette - Islands of Seychelles
Silhouette Island:

Rising dramatically from the ocean, Silhouette offers verdant hiking trails that lead to stunning viewpoints. Explore its lush interior, home to rare flora and fauna, before anchoring in its calm waters.
Coordinates:-4.486326147558007, 55.23311932919423   View Map

North Island Seychelles
North Island:

A sanctuary of luxury and conservation, North Island offers exquisite accommodations and an immersive experience in biodiversity conservation. Walk its pristine beaches, watch sea turtles nesting, and contribute to the island's conservation efforts.
Coordinates: -4.392937984153149, 55.2436029577992   |  View Map

Fregate Island Seychelles
Fregate Island:

A tropical haven with ecological integrity, Fregate is home to diverse species, including the endangered Magpie Robin. Sail along its coastline and marvel at the breathtaking rock formations that guard its shores.
Coordinates: -4.585536403498069, 55.939464195268755   |  View Map

4 Outer Islands: A Hidden Paradise Awaits Beyond the Horizon
Bird Island:

Secluded and serene, Bird Island is a nesting site for thousands of birds. Explore its pristine beaches, encounter Aldabra giant tortoises, and be mesmerized by its untouched landscapes.
Coordinates: -3.7199143722425796, 55.20606820179282   |  View Map

Denis - Islands of Seychelles
Denis Island:

An idyllic retreat, Denis Island boasts white sandy beaches and a lush interior. Discover its unique flora and fauna, including the Seychelles magpie-robin, and indulge in pure relaxation.
Coordinates: -3.805420875884989, 55.66727408468176   |  View Map

Desroches - Islands Seychelles
Desroches Island:

A haven for marine life enthusiasts, Desroches is surrounded by coral reefs teeming with underwater wonders. Dive into the azure waters, and encounter vibrant marine ecosystems.
Coordinates: -5.689206112520994, 53.67172125605846  | View Map

Aldabra Group Seychelles
Aldabra Atoll:

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Aldabra Atoll is a marvel of nature. Accessible only by yacht, this remote paradise is home to the largest population of giant tortoises. Snorkel in its crystal-clear lagoon and witness its incredible biodiversity.
Coordinates: -9.409622829593333, 46.32428075572347   |  View Map

Plan Your Yachting Adventure to Seychelles' Hidden Isles: When berthed at Eden Island Marina, the lesser-known islands of Seychelles beckon intrepid sailors to explore their untouched shores and immerse themselves in unique ecosystems. Whether you're diving into vibrant reefs, encountering rare species, or simply basking in the serenity of unspoiled landscapes, these hidden gems promise an extraordinary yachting journey.Venture beyond the familiar and set sail to Seychelles' lesser-known islands for an adventure of a lifetime. From the tranquility of inner islands to the untouched paradises of the outer islands, each destination offers a yachting experience that's both awe-inspiring and rejuvenating.

We hope you have enjoyed our list of 9 Seychelles Islands to consider adding to your sailing itinerary! Explore other islands of Seychelles on our website, click here.

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